These Memes of Workout Struggles Won't Make Them Go Away, but They'll Make You Laugh

From sore muscles to insane hunger and exhaustion, committing to a workout routine comes with many familiar workout struggles we all face. These memes won't make them disappear, but they may make you laugh, so you'll feel a little better about them. See you at the gym!

It feels like forever!

Get me FOOD!

Does this mean I have to do burpees to find out?

Or walk down stairs.

Can I just stay like this?

It hurts so bad!

I can do everything! I'm amazing! OK, maybe today should be a rest day.

I can't work out with hair in my face!

I'm gonna need help out of this bed.

I may need help over here.

I'm just going to sit right here, because I can't walk.

Yep, sums it up!

Squats do it every. single. time.

Sore for days.

Too bad you can't choose where the fat melts away.

Let's just say fifth.

This could take a while.

It's like a whole other workout to get that thing off.