Gabrielle Union Swears By This Podcast When She Needs Motivation to Work Out

Gabrielle Union is famously dedicated to fitness, but every so often her motivation will wane. I'm all too familiar with those days; the couch looks way too comfortable and the weights are extra heavy. Lucky for me, Union shared her secret to get up and get going with POPSUGAR — it comes courtesy of Josie Ong's podcast. "She's a saving grace," Union revealed while chatting about Tropicana's "Mimoment" campaign.

Although Union doesn't know Ong personally, she feels like they share a connection through the Affirmation Pod. "She literally has a positive affirmation for everything," Union explained. "When you don't feel like getting up at all, she's got a great positive affirmation."

"When you don't feel like getting up at all, she's got a great positive affirmation."

Ong's episodes vary in length, but they're typically no longer than 15 minutes. She publishes new clips twice a week (on Sundays and Wednesdays) and covers a variety of topics, from body positivity to managing school stress. Since Gabrielle and her husband Dwyane Wade prioritize self-care and meditation in their home, Ong's podcast is a natural fit. "Usually after I listen to my Josie, I'm like, 'All right, OK, come on,'" Gabrielle joked. "I'm hitting my butt like an old mule, like 'C'mon, Bessie, here we go.' That does the trick." Check out a few of Ong's episodes below, and find out why Gabrielle swears by this "awesome" motivational tool.

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