Halsey Responds to Hurtful Comments About Their Health: "Let Me Live"

Halsey's lifelong health issues hit a tipping point in the months after they gave birth to their first child, Ender. On May 10, the new mom shared an update on her Instagram Stories to address the concerns of fans worried about her well-being and whether she would be well enough to perform on her upcoming "Love and Power" tour, which kicked off in West Palm Beach, FL, on May 17.

"So I know a lot of you guys have been wondering what's going on with my health and some of you saw a TikTok that I posted yesterday, basically confirming that I'm allergic to, like, literally everything, so I just wanted to give you a little update," they said while lying in bed with a heart monitor taped to their chest. In the TikTok, captioned "everything is fine," Halsey wrote, "just found out I'm allergic to coffee so there goes my entire personality."

"I've known I've had autoimmune issues for most of my life, especially having endometriosis, but it's been exacerbated since I had Ender."

After a few seconds of sipping on a matcha latte, she added, "and also potatoes corn spinach ginger garlic milk wheat crab shrimp carrots peppers almonds peanuts cashews blueberries apricot cantaloupe grapes onions grapefruit turkey cauliflower squash hempwater (?) mustard nutmeg mackerel celery pear rye yeast lemons coconuts bananas pea [and] soy." For Halsey, who's been open about their struggle with endometriosis and has experienced autoimmune issues throughout their entire life, the lengthy list of allergies is just one symptom related to their newly diagnosed conditions.

"Obviously, my health has changed a lot since I got pregnant and gave birth," she said. "I started getting really, really sick, and I've been kind of sick pretty much most of my adult life, but it started getting really bad." After being hospitalized for anaphylaxis on multiple occasions, Halsey saw several doctors and underwent testing that resulted in her being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective-tissue disorder; Sjögren's syndrome, an immune disorder often accompanied by dry eyes and a dry mouth; mast cell activation syndrome, anaphylaxis caused by allergic symptoms; and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a blood circulation disorder. "I'm still looking for answers to the root cause of some of these things that could potentially be another type of autoimmune disease," they said. "I've known I've had autoimmune issues for most of my life, especially having endometriosis, but it's been exacerbated since I had Ender."

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The following day, Halsey shared another update on their Instagram Stories. "I just want to clarify, for the benefit of friends of friends who may have any of the [diagnoses] that I recently shared, I didn't 'just get sick' I've been sick. For a long time. My sicknesses just have their names now. I went to doctors for 8 years. Trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I was called crazy and anxious and lazy amongst other things. I changed my entire lifestyle. When I wasn't working I was essentially confined to my home for fear of how I'd feel when I woke up each morning. It took me a long time to get to even having a diagnosis so I'm celebrating!! Don't roll your eyes at your sick friends. They could be fighting a battle that they haven't named yet. Ya know?"

On May 18, Halsey posted a TikTok video set to Walworth & Howell's "I Already Know" in response to fan comments about her health that read, "Halsey u look sick," "She's too thin," and "Looks unhealthy," days after the singer publicly acknowledged their health conditions. "'u look sick' BC I AM! LET ME LIVE!" they captioned the post, spurring comments from fans who have experienced similar symptoms. "as a fellow chronically ill person I feel this so so much," one commenter wrote, while another added, "You are beautiful inside and out." Another fan commented, "Thank you for being so honest and open about it all though, you're helping a lot of people by [doing] this and the chronic illness community is behind you."


"u look sick" BC I AM! LET ME LIVE!

♬ I Already Know - Walworth & Howell

With a mountain of health complications to manage, Halsey intends to put their health first when it comes to their tour. "I haven't toured in so long," they said on Instagram. "I just can't tour the way that I used to when I was younger where I basically didn't give a sh*t about my body and worked insane hours and days in a row. I've learned a lot about doing my job under the conditions that I'm experiencing. I'm posting this just because I wanted to keep you guys updated and 'cause I know a lot of you have the same conditions."

"I have a lot of angst, I have a lot of energy, and I have a lot of confusion that I want to get out on that stage."

Halsey said she planned to deliver a show that leaves both herself and fans feeling fulfilled. "I'm on a treatment plan right now. I'm in rehearsals for the tour. I'm really excited and really confident that I'm going to be able to do it in a way that's healthy, where I can perform my best for all of you," they said. "[The tour] is going to be delving into this weird body horror about everything that I've been experiencing, feeling like my body is rebelling against me a little bit . . . I have a lot of angst, I have a lot of energy, and I have a lot of confusion that I want to get out on that stage. Hopefully I've built a show that really reflects that and can be a cathartic place for you to release some tension if you are feeling or have ever felt similarly."

The "Love and Power" tour is now underway, and Halsey seems ecstatic to be back on stage. "tampa you were unreal," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on May 20. "one of the best nights of my life. hands down."