An Open Letter to Myself When I Haven't Been to Yoga

POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio
POPSUGAR Photography | Maria del Rio

Hello You,

First of all, I love you. I know you're doing the best you can today. I'm sure things feel tough, your body feels tight, and you're not necessarily interested in hearing from me. But I'm the swift kick you need today. Girl, get yourself to a f*cking yoga class.

You need to balance out the aggression of your morning runs and loud group-fitness classes where house music and the instructor's voice pound in your skull. I know you'd rather go to a workout where you have to step outside yourself to make it through and complete the session; this is exactly why you have to go to yoga. Today. The times when you don't want to roll out your mat to practice are the moments when you need it the most. Trust me on this one. I know you.

I know you're busy, stressed, and pressed for time. I know it doesn't seem like the best use of your evening. I know you're afraid to be alone with yourself when you feel fragile, and breathe deep from your belly. I know you might get dizzy on your mat because you haven't released energy from these muscles in months. I know you might get a case of the giggles you can't seem to control or make sad noises and weep during Savasana. No one will care. Go and show up for yourself.

I know how scary it is to be quiet when things are stressful, but think about how good it feels to slow down and take a moment and be kind to yourself. Think about how it feels to stretch and bend and move and truly inhabit your body. Think about the epiphanies you've had when you're on the mat. Yoga has gotten you through bad fights and heartbreaks and friends unexpectedly passing. It's helped you release old wounds and realize your emotional and physical strength. You've felt just as silly and beautiful and confident dripping in sweat, practicing Lion's Breath with your mouth wide open, tongue towards your chin, making an audible hahhh as you have on any promising first date. When you go to yoga, you sleep better, you're less reactive, and your heart is wide open. You say it yourself, "I'm a better version of myself when I'm doing yoga regularly."

Please, for me . . . err . . . us, just go. We really deserve it.

Yourself (who has been to yoga three times this week)