This Photo Might Make You Rethink Just How Much Food You Can Meal Prep

You want to set yourself up for healthy eating success all week, so you're all about weekend meal prep. But when your significant other opens the fridge, he or she stares with jealousy at your perfectly portioned meals. Meal prep can take hours, so how in the world could you meal prep for two?

Nikki, known as on Instagram, posted this impressive photo, proving that meal prep for two is possible, "even if you have different goals." And it doesn't have to mean double the time in the kitchen. Here are some tips:

  • Sit down together to plan out your meals and snacks based on your individual goals. Whether it's based on macros, portion sizes, or certain foods you want to include, have a plan and make a grocery list to go along with it.
  • Make meals as simple as possible, with common ingredients you can buy at one or two stores.
  • "Chat about what you're both okay eating on repeat" is one of the tips Nikki shares in her post. Maybe your partner is cool with the same exact meals five days in a row, or maybe you'd both rather decide on two recipes per meal so you each benefit from a little variety.
  • Shop together, but split up the grocery list so one of you grabs the produce and one of you grabs the rest.
  • Buy foods to make meal prep as easy as possible, such as prewashed greens, precut veggies, and frozen fruits and veggies.
  • You don't have to do seven days' worth all at once. If you're new to meal prepping for two, just start with a couple of days. Or maybe just prep five days' worth of breakfast and lunch, and leave dinner and the weekend up in the air.
  • Nikki also said, "You also don't have to measure out both people's meals. One person may prefer a buffet style prep so they can pick and choose their combinations each day."
  • Have one meal be mason jar salads. They're easy to whip out in a big batch since you just line up the jars, layer the ingredients, and they stay fresh for five days.
  • Invest in some fun multi-compartment containers so meals are easy to grab (and easy to clean).

Nikki said, "Meal prepping together saves time, money, helps you stay on track, and is honestly a great way to to support one another in reaching your goals."