6 Essential Brunch Tips For the Healthy Girl

POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Is there anything better than sitting around a big brunch table on a lazy Sunday morning? I'm pressed to find a simple pleasure I enjoy more. Occasional indulgences aside, a brunchy food coma can totally kill your day. If you're not ready to give up your weekend ritual, there are easy ways to lighten up the whole situation.

  1. Skip the sweets: French toast and belgian waffles sound divine, but these sweet treats can be loaded with all of your calories for the day. If you're with a big group of people, consider getting one sweet item and sharing it as a side. This way everyone can have a taste and you won't have the opportunity to chow down on the whole plate.
  2. Back off the booze: Bloody Marys and mimosas may have their share of vitamins and antioxidants from fresh juice, but that's not a reason to enjoy a whole pitcher. Linger on a single cocktail throughout the meal, and be sure to hydrate with water as you go.
  3. Order eggs right: There's no reason to only go for whites, since we know that whole eggs are healthy for you. But there are some egg-filled favorites to put to rest. Eggs Benedict may sound like a dreamy option, but with all the saturated fat found in traditional recipes, it's best just to say goodbye. Opt for a scramble or omelet loaded with fresh vegetables.
  4. Love lean meats: Instead of chowing down on sausage or bacon, learn to love less fatty options. Turkey bacon, ham, and chicken sausage are often lower in calories and saturated fats.
  5. Say yes to subs: Don't be afraid to ask for a switch! You'll find that the kitchen is more than happy to make a healthy substitution. If that's not an option, just ask for a half order or omit something from your plate entirely. Even if you're really craving a taste of potatoes, there's no need to chow down on a supersized portion that will have you feeling sick once you're home.
  6. Work out in the a.m.: After a big weekend night out, mustering up the strength to head to the gym or a yoga class will have you feeling positive and proactive. You'll be hungry once you sit down for brunch, but you won't be as ready to let your healthy plan fly to the wind.