Hack Your Jet Lag and Wake Up Fine

Holiday travel may just be one of the worst kinds of jet-setting: crowded airports, delayed flights, and turbulent-causing weather does not a happy traveler make. But while you may not be able to prevent certain holiday-travel horrors, you can make your trek a little bit easier — and yourself a little bit happier — by following these tips for preventing jet lag.

  1. Drink lots of water: Dehydration and jet lag go hand in hand, so spend the day before your plane ride getting adequately hydrated. Once on the plane, abstain from alcoholic beverages and coffee, or at least request a water from the flight attendant with every glass of booze that you order. Once you're at your destination, continue your hydrating routine to help flush out bloat and keep you energized.
  2. Exercise before your flight: Exercise relieves stress, which can hinder attempts to fall asleep once you get on a full plane. Also, tiring out your body before a long period of being sedentary will also help.
  3. Fight your zzz's: Get back on a normal circadian rhythm by fighting your urge to nap until it's bedtime. It may be hard to do when you're body thinks it's 5 a.m., but you'll have a better trip if you can stick it out the first day.