Make This 1 Swap and Save Over 400 Calories on Your Plate of Tacos

The next time you're craving tacos, skip the flour tortillas and go for lettuce wraps instead. You've likely heard about this calorie-saving hack, but nothing compares to actually seeing the numbers side by side. These photos say that you'll save 235 calories, but one small flour tortilla is actually 110 calories, which adds up to 440 calories if you eat four tacos. If you switched over to lettuce wraps, you'd save yourself 435 calories!

Aside from saving a meal's worth of calories, lettuce wraps are way lower in carbs and sodium. You'll also avoid refined white flour, which you might find is better for digestion and your skin. Eating lettuce instead of processed wraps is also great for making you feel more energized so you can avoid that after-taco slump.

No need to do this every time you eat tacos. If Taco Tuesday is big in your house, swap lettuce wraps for flour tortillas twice a month. Or if you eat three small tacos, make two of them lettuce wraps. Or go for small corn tortillas, which are 70 calories each. Since the filling of your taco is really where it's at, just focus on enjoying that, and the amazing company savoring the tacos with you!