This Squat Variation Is Fun but Intense, and Will Make Your Butt and Thighs Sore For Days

Regular bodyweight squats are hard, jump squats are harder, but these star jump squats with a plate are even more intense — but that's why you'll love them!

I actually prefer these squats over regular jump squats because the variation and challenge makes them more exciting. I think of them as supermini box jumps since they're really low to the ground. They may look simple, but when I do them, my lower body is guaranteed to feel sore, especially my butt and thighs.

Level 1 CrossFit coach from Champlain Valley CrossFit and CrossFit Games competitor Dani Jenny said to start with no plate to get used to jumping this way. Then begin with a flatter plate and work your way up to a thicker one. Make sure you squat all the way down with your hips at knee level to ensure you're really working your butt and hamstrings.

Star Jump Squat With Plate

  • Place a plate on the floor, and stand on the center of it.
  • Jump your feet off the plate out wide, lowering down into a squat. Try to keep your weight back in the heels.
  • Jump your feet back onto the plate to complete one rep.