The Simple Trick to Help Stay Health While Traveling

The dry, recirculating air on planes makes jet-setting about feel like an invitation to get sick, especially during the holidays when flights and airports are full of sniffling, coughing crowds. When celebrating at home is not an option, take your health into your own hands — or at least your own nose.

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Flying in high altitudes dries out the delicate, and the usually moist, membranes inside your nose. The moisture inside your nose and sinuses helps keep irritants and germs moving to help flush them out of your system. Staying well hydrated will help this natural process, but help keep your nose moist with a bit of saline spray that you can find in almost every airport drugstore (just follow the package directions), or buy a spray ahead of time that is small enough to pass TSA muster. A little steam from your hot tea won't hurt either — provided there is no turbulence on your flight. Stay healthy out there!