Have You Noticed Drake's Been Looking Incredibly Strong Lately? We Have!

He sits courtside at Toronto Raptors games all season long, he has his own line of Air Jordan shoes, and he even has a song called "Jumpman," but it's time to acknowledge that Drake himself is quite the athlete, and his recent workouts can attest to that. For the last five years, Drake has been working out with his fellow OVO member and trainer Jonny Roxx. They may be close friends, but the second they enter the gym, it's go time. Last year, Jonny told GQ about Drake's tour workout plan — this was during his Boy Meets World Tour, now he's currently on his Aubrey and the Three Migos tour — and it'll give you a little taste of how seriously they take their workouts . . . and the results that follow.

"Generally speaking, it's not really body-building, it's more all-around fitness. There was a point that I shredded him down 30 pounds because he wanted to look nice and thin in suits. Now we're on this new phase where he wants to look bigger, so that's what we're working on," he told the site in 2017. "He finds the time [to work out] every single show. About an hour before he's out on stage, he's getting it in. Whether we're working out, whether he's doing soft tissue work, whether he's doing stretching or doing dynamic work — we always do something to get him going before he gets on stage."

Jonny added that "he's really willing to do anything, except burpees," and we feel him (he should try these five exercises that are just as effective)! We've seen enough photos of Drake taking an ice bath and footage of him relaxing with NormaTec Pulse pads on his legs to understand that the rapper takes his recoveries very seriously. In addition to hitting the weight room hard, any loyal Drizzy fan knows that he loves the game of basketball and is also a sucker for a solid ping-pong competition. Read on to see footage of Drake's transformation to seriously swole over the last few years, and prepare to be inspired.