The #InstagramVsReality Hashtag Says "F*ck You" to Those Staged Social Media Photos

When it comes to social media, everything is not what it seems. People tend to stage their photos, whether it's a snapshot of their trendy latte art or a post-workout mirror picture, to make it look as though their lives (and bodies) are "perfect." But in reality, that coffee picture probably took 17 attempts, and that sweaty gym selfie may not be an accurate depiction of how that person looks in real life.

In an attempt to totally call out the disparity between what's shared on social media and how things look in actuality, many people have started sharing powerful photos, using the hashtags #InstagramVsReality and #InstagramVsRealLife. These posts are usually side-by-side collages that, at first glance, look like they portray some sort of weight transformation. But they actually demonstrate how different one's body can look simply by switching up the lighting, posing a particular way, or flexing certain muscles.

The pictures serve as a much-needed reminder that (1) you should never compare yourself to others on social media and (2) you should never be ashamed of what your body looks like at certain angles. It's totally normal to have more prominent belly rolls or thighs while sitting down versus standing up!

Ready for a reality check? Read on to see 14 women who are calling out that Instagram bullsh*t with their #InstagramVsReality pictures.