"Motivate Your Damn Self:" Watch J Lo and ARod Work Out Like a True Power Couple

If you didn't know by now, Jennifer Lopez is the definition of standout strong — here's a core workout from her trainer for proof. She and husband-to-be Alex Rodriguez were treated to a recent gym session courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys, and the 49-year-old singer reposted footage from ARod's Instagram, who thanked Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for the "amazing workout".

The couple powers through moves like bicep curls, sled pushes, back extensions, and bench presses. Our favorite part? Watching J Lo run next to ARod as he steers those weights across the floor. "You gotta feel good when you work out," you can hear her say in the middle of the video. "You gotta motivate your damn self!" True, J Lo, true! She tells the camera in the beginning of the video that she enjoys exercising on show day because it "opens up" her body before she goes on stage.

Above, check out footage from the workout and, if you want more J Lo fitness inspo, check out this Class FitSugar session also led by her trainer. You can find the full footage of this workout session, courtesy of ARod's YouTube channel, ahead. Motivate your damn self!

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