This TikTok Jump-Rope Instructor Moves Like a Blur — Duet With Her If You Dare!

Up until about an hour ago, I felt good about my jump-roping ability. Then I found Bernadette Henry (@jumpropeisdope) on TikTok and, in the face of a true master, promptly downgraded myself to supernovice beginner level.

Which I'm totally OK with. Henry is a jump-rope instructor who teaches workout classes in New York City and online, and the things she does with a jump rope are simply astounding. High knees, crossed feet, kicks, arm crossovers, double unders . . . I'm trying to call out the highlights here, but it's hard because she moves like a blur. A perfectly-in-sync-with-the-music blur. These routines make for grueling cardio (I'm out of breath just watching) and a major test of your focus and balance, just for starters. I'm still trying to memorize eight-second TikTok dances, and Henry is out here throwing a jump rope into the equation!

Duet with her if you dare, but if you're like me, simply kick back and enjoy the talent. Check out a few of her best TikToks ahead!

Casually Jump Roping in Times Square

The Crossovers!

High Knees and Shuffles

The Dance/Jump-Rope Combo

Making More Fans in Times Square

That Beat Drop