Katelyn Ohashi's Michael Jackson Routine Went Viral, but Her Other Floor Routines Deserve a Perfect 10, Too

In case you haven't met Katelyn Ohashi, let us introduce you. In 2018, her viral Michael Jackson-inspired NCAA gymnastics floor routine for UCLA featured the moonwalk. Her newest performance to classics like Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" and "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire opened up with a killer split leg double layout. On Feb. 10, at a meet against Washington, the gymnast scored her second perfect 10 of the year and her seventh overall. Now that you've gotten acquainted, let's move on.

Katelyn's carefree showmanship and undeniable skill have taken the internet by storm alongside powerhouse teammates such as former Fierce Five Olympian Kyla Ross and freshman Sekai Wright. But before her days as a Bruin, Katelyn was an Olympic hopeful. She stepped down from the Olympic track after a series of injuries and surgeries — she'd been competing on a fractured spine and two torn shoulders.

Katelyn revealed in a Players' Tribune documentary last year that the elite level "broke" her. "I was unbeatable . . . until I wasn't," she said, explaining that gymnastics was her world, but she was under constant pressure from coaches and fans to "look a certain way" and always come out on top. It took finding UCLA and "having a different goal and path to follow, to finally find joy and love within the sport again." Now, she's thriving in NCAA gymnastics. Check out how Katelyn's floor routines have progressed throughout her elite-level and collegiate careers. They're all amazing and are worth a watch (or five)!

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Katelyn's First Nationals as an Elite Gymnast

This was Katelyn's first elite nationals. She's 12 years old here and finished 10th overall. Look at that sparkly leotard!

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Katelyn at 2011 US Jr. Nationals

Note: scoring works differently at the elite level than it does in college, so know that your eyes aren't deceiving you when you see numbers higher than a perfect 10 attached to these older routines. What can I say? Chasing perfection is hard . . . "it's not called gym-nice-tics."

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Katelyn at the 2013 American Cup (Kicking Ass!)

You may recognize the voice of Nastia Liukin here commentating on Katelyn's floor routine. When Katelyn was 12, she joined the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) in Texas, a gym run by Nastia's father, Valeri. Note: another difference between elite-level and college routines is that you do four tumbling passes on floor at the elite level, as opposed to three at the collegiate level.

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Katelyn Talks About Her 2013 American Cup Win

At age 16, Katelyn won the 2013 American Cup, beating Simone Biles with an all-around score of 59.199 to 57.666.

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Katelyn's First UCLA College Gymnastics Season (2015-2016)

Katelyn joined the UCLA gymnastics team as a freshman for the 2015-2016 season. "It's so weird being in college, because it's like, you get to cheer for literally everyone, and you're supposed to," Katelyn told Lenny Letter. "But I would get yelled at simply for cheering for Simone [Biles]. It was difficult because I think I finally had freedom, legit, actual freedom, for the first time."

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Katelyn's (Awesome) Viral Michael Jackson Floor Routine From 2018

Let's take a look at Katelyn's first viral floor routine, which features a spot-on moonwalk and powerful double layout as an opening pass. (Plus, check out those drop splits!)

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Katelyn Becomes 2018 NCAA Floor Cochampion

Back in 2018, UCLA won its seventh national championship and Katelyn became the Pac-12 national cochampion on floor with a score of 9.9625. She was UCLA's first floor champion since 2010. Fun fact: Olympian Samantha Peszek (the one interviewing Katelyn, Kayla Ross, and Christine Peng-Peng Lee) was also on the UCLA team. She was crowned NCAA beam champion twice (2011 and 2015), as well as all-around cochampion in 2015.

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Katelyn's 2019 Floor Routine (That Earned Her Viral Status and a Perfect 10)

Katelyn told the New York Times that this year's routine, which has also gone viral more than once, was inspired by YouTube videos of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation." Here, during a meet against California, UC Davis, and Michigan State on Jan. 12 this year, Katelyn showed off her moves to a mash-up of throwback songs. She scored a perfect 10 (duh!).

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Katelyn and Her UCLA Coach on Good Morning America After Her Latest Routine Went Viral

Valorie Kondos Field, or "Miss Val," spoke on Good Morning America back in January about feeling "absolutely blessed" to be Katelyn's coach. "It's been such a thrill to be a part of her journey," she said. "And, to see her come in as a freshman and not really have a direction, and now, to see the woman that she's grown into . . . is such a gift to all of us." Plus, hear Katelyn talk about body shaming she endured and learning to trust the sport again.

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Katelyn's Second Perfect-10 Routine of 2019 (Because She Can't Be Stopped)

For the second time this year, Katelyn scored a perfect 10 on floor. What makes it even better is that she got to perform in her hometown of Seattle. That smile is infectious!

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Katelyn's Second Floor Routine of 2019

Katelyn debuted an altered routine at the Pac-12 Championships on March 23, where she tied for first place on floor with teammate Kyla Ross and Utah's MyKayla Skinner and UCLA defended its conference title. She received yet another 10.00, her sixth on floor this season. This new performance features added choreography and a line-up of all-female artists like Beyoncé. Read more about why Katelyn made the change here.

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Players' Tribune Documentary: "Katelyn Ohashi Was the Best Gymnast in the World, Until She Wasn't"

After Katelyn stepped down from the elite level, she was able to rediscover her passion for gymnastics despite the body shaming and physical strain that many gymnasts are familiar with (which Katelyn delves into more on her blog). Now, she describes performing her routines for the UCLA Bruins as "home."