This Woman Is on a Mission to Lose 150 Pounds — Follow Her Inspiring Journey

Instagram | julieanakim

Meet Julie Ana Kim: we first discovered this beautiful, inspiring young woman via the Kayla Itsines #BBGCommunity, and we've been captivated ever since. She might be one of our favorite progress stories!

Julie has been on quite the fitness journey, with some incredible weight-loss benchmarks under her belt. She's on a mission to lose 150 pounds and is over one-third of the way there! Through the Bikini Body Guides, SoulCycle, and a serious commitment to health, she's crushing her weight-loss goals, and we're standing on the sidelines cheering. Take a look at her story — if you were struggling to find weight-loss motivation, we've got it for you right here.

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This Is Julie Ana!

She's been on quite the journey over the past year.

She's Been a Victim of Some Serious Bullying

Being teased for her weight was painful, but Julie Ana is using it to motivate her weight-loss journey and to become happy in her own skin. This transformation you're about to see is both physical and mental!

Like Most of Us, Julie Ana Loves Pizza

But she let food take precedence over health. She hasn't cut pizza out (you'll see!), but she's found a way to balance.

This Is the First Progress Photo She Shared

WOW, right?! But you haven't even seen the least of it yet!

She Didn't Get Here Without Some HARD Work

(Seriously, how impressive is this!?)

"Will Squat For Pizza"

Same, girl. Same. Julie Ana's positivity and sense of humor make her one of the most fun people to follow on Instagram.

She Doesn't Just Squat, She Sweats With Kayla

The Bikini Body Guide and Sweat With Kayla app have been instrumental in her transofrmation.

She Also Planks For Pizza . . .

Atta girl!

But Has Added In Healthy Options, Too

We're loving this smoothie bowl!

She's Added In Cardio Boxing

(Can we get those supercute gloves?!)

And Bodyweight Training

And SoulCycle

She's killing it!

And Goes to BBG Meet-Ups

GET those burpees, girl!


Seriously, on fire.

And She Keeps Logging Her Progress to Inspire Women Everywhere

She's Finally Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

She explains in her caption here that she struggled with diet pills and body-image issues since she was a little girl.

Just Look at Her!

This Is One Year of Progress

Talk about motivation, right? Keep it up, Julie Ana! We are all rooting for you!