Even Kayla Itsines Feels Unmotivated Sometimes: Here's How She Deals With It

POPSUGAR Australia Photography | Dave Wheeler
POPSUGAR Australia Photography | Dave Wheeler

It's hard to believe that Kayla Itsines — the trainer who has inspired millions of women around the world — has days when she doesn't want to work out. But like every other human being, there are times when she's particularly unmovitated, so if you're feeling similarly, know you're in good (no, great) company. She's right there with you.

During a recent conversation with Kayla, I asked her how she manages a busy life of travel, training, world tours, social media, and connecting with her community — and how that takes a toll on her everyday fitness. Although she said, "my whole life is fitness," she admitted to being just like the rest of us and having days in which she can't find the motivation to work out.

"Normally my lack of motivation [happens] around 'that time of the month,'" she said. "But you can't think, 'I've lost motivation, and it's the end.' [Think,] 'I've lost motivation, it's temporary, and in a few days, when I'm feeling better and rested, I'll get back into it.' Take that time for yourself."

Kayla said that assuming your lack of motivation is permanent is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. So her first tip: understanding that these moments are temporary. "It's just about resting, getting over whatever you need to get over, actually taking time for yourself, and then starting again."

What does that resting mean to Kayla? "I love going for a walk by myself. Behind our house is a big park, so I go there or go sit at the beach." She also loves hanging out with her family; playing with her dogs, Ace and TJ; and sitting at home watching Netflix.

Aside from the psychological aspect of motivation, Kayla gave us two important tools for getting out of a rut: community and tracking progress.

"Join the community," she said. "Find a friend that will motivate you and inspire you as well." And it's so true; just look at the millions of women around the world who use the BBG community to find inspiration, motivation, and a support system. Working out with a friend is fun, but it also helps keep you on track when you have someone keeping you accountable. Find the community that speaks to and inspires you, and jump in.

Her last tip? "Post progress photos as well." Tracking your progress can help you hold yourself accountable and can be a gratifying way to give yourself positive affirmation. Even baby steps are huge feats in a fitness journey — something as simple as getting into a sit-up more quickly or noticing a little more tone on your arms can feel monumental.

So from the pro herself, rest (and cut yourself some slack!), grab a buddy, track your progress, and keep going! Don't let a speed bump be the end of the journey.