This 20-Minute HIIT Workout From Kelsey Wells Will Have Your Thighs Shaking

Adding some height to your workout can be the difference between a good session and one that leaves you in a puddle on the floor. The latest Instagram workout from Sweat app trainer Kelsey Wells, NASM, definitely falls into the second category. With just one piece of equipment — a short stepper — Wells blasts through a cardio workout that combines squats, lunges, and jumps for a full-on leg and lung burn. And if you're short on time, this "advanced full body blast," as Wells calls it, takes just 20 minutes.

Since this workout is more advanced, modifications are (as always) totally encouraged. We'll lay out the full workout below, along with lower-impact and no-equipment suggestions if you don't have a stepper at home.

Kelsey Wells's 20-Minute Full-Body HIIT Workout With Stepper

Directions: Do 30 seconds of each exercise, resting for 30 seconds between moves. Repeat the circuit for five rounds.

  • Bench Hop to 360: Modification: Tuck jump or air squat with 360 turn
  • Lateral Step Jump to High Knee: Modification: Reverse lunge with knee drive, with or without a jump at the top
  • Knee to Bench Jump Squat: Modification: Leg surrender or knee to squat jump (same as shown in Wells's video, but jump in place instead of onto the stepper)
  • Bench Hops: Modification: Place hands on the floor instead of on a stepper; for low-impact, remove jump and step feet to the sides from high plank

Watch Wells's video above to see demos of the advanced moves, and if you're a fan of this you can work your abs with her three-week plank challenge.