In Need of a Quick and Efficient Workout? Try Joe Holder's 19-Minute "High-Intensity Burner"

Joe Holder, Nike trainer, NASM-PES, has been talking about exercise snacks for years. Essentially, an exercise snack is about quick, efficient, and effective workouts and not spending hours doing random exercises and training without any real guidance or purpose. The workouts and movement sessions he's created are literally snacks for your body — short and sweet — helping you move and feel better.

Holder recently shared a "high-intensity burner" on Instagram, which is good for cardiovascular health and conditioning and muscular endurance, he explained in his caption, and it looks INTENSE. The workout only takes 19 minutes to complete, and will have you feeling challenged and strong once you're finished.

Joe Holder's 19-Minute High-Intensity Workout

Before getting started, Holder said to complete a five-minute warmup (he demonstrates it in the video). After the warmup, it's time to work. The workout is done in circuit style, meaning you'll repeat each move in the designated circuit for 30 seconds, taking little to no rest in between each move, for a total of three rounds. After you complete a circuit, take one minute of rest before advancing to the following circuit. Don't forget to cool down once you've finished the workout.

  • Circuit 1, exercise 1: linear acceleration: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 1, exercise 2: drop squat: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 2, exercise 1: plyo jumping jack: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 2, exercise 2: skier: 30 seconds
  • Circuit 3, exercise 1: step back to explosive knee drive: 30 seconds (15 seconds each leg)
  • Circuit 3, exercise 2: high knees: 30 seconds