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Keto Drinks at Dunkin' to Try Right Now

Keto-Friendly Dunkin' Drink Ideas Straight From Caffeinated Customers

Keto Drinks at Dunkin' to Try Right Now
Image Source: Unsplash / twinsfisch

If you're on the low-carb, high-fat keto diet, you might think flavorful drinks that aren't packed with carbs and sugar are hard to come by. For instance, at Dunkin', a medium Almond Milk Iced Matcha Latte has 36 total carbs (the carb count for a large is 48!), and even a small Chai Iced Latte with skim milk has 29 carbs. The key to keto Dunkin' Donuts drinks, though, is staying away from the flavor swirl add-ons and bringing, or asking for, your own sugar replacement.

You can also opt for the unsweetened Dunkin' sugar-free flavor shots. According to a company blog post, for medium-size drinks, Dunkin' sugar-free flavor shots add five to 10 calories, while flavor swirls add 150 to 160 calories. (So even if you aren't on the keto diet but are looking for low-calorie Dunkin' drinks, swapping out flavor swirls for flavor shots is one easy tip.)

Ordering low-carb drink alternatives of your own at Dunkin', like keto iced coffee, will be a breeze. Keep reading for some ideas straight from Instagram users that feature flavor shots, cream (because cream is a higher-in-fat, keto-acceptable dairy product), and sugar replacements such as stevia. Plus, find keto-friendly drink creations from Starbucks here, since, yes, you can be a fan of both franchises.

Note: again, make sure you're ordering the flavor shots, not adding the syrups (swirls) to your coffee or tea!

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