Keto-Friendly Dunkin' Drink Ideas Straight From Caffeinated Customers

If you're on the low-carb, high-fat keto diet, you might think flavorful drinks that aren't packed with carbs and sugar are hard to come by. For instance, at Dunkin', a medium Almond Milk Iced Matcha Latte has 36 total carbs (the carb count for a large is 48!), and even a small Chai Iced Latte with skim milk has 29 carbs. The key to keto Dunkin' Donuts drinks, though, is staying away from the flavor swirl add-ons and bringing, or asking for, your own sugar replacement.

You can also opt for the unsweetened Dunkin' sugar-free flavor shots. According to a company blog post, for medium-size drinks, Dunkin' sugar-free flavor shots add five to 10 calories, while flavor swirls add 150 to 160 calories. (So even if you aren't on the keto diet but are looking for low-calorie Dunkin' drinks, swapping out flavor swirls for flavor shots is one easy tip.)

Ordering low-carb drink alternatives of your own at Dunkin', like keto iced coffee, will be a breeze. Keep reading for some ideas straight from Instagram users that feature flavor shots, cream (because cream is a higher-in-fat, keto-acceptable dairy product), and sugar replacements such as stevia. Plus, find keto-friendly drink creations from Starbucks here, since, yes, you can be a fan of both franchises.

Note: again, make sure you're ordering the flavor shots, not adding the syrups (swirls) to your coffee or tea!

Large Iced Coffee With Toasted Almond, French Vanilla, and Cream

This Instagram user added their own stevia sweetener to a large iced coffee with almond and french vanilla shots.

Large Iced Coffee With Toasted Almond and French Vanilla, No Cream

This person added their own cream to this drink. Plus, adding your own stevia, they wrote in the caption, brings out the french vanilla and toasted almond flavors.

Medium Iced Coffee With Blueberry, French Vanilla, and Cream

". . . [I] was use [sic] to getting caramel swirl sugar loaded coffees before keto," this person wrote. Now, they've added cream and a packet of stevia to this flavored coffee.

Medium Bold Breakfast Tea With Cream

This person ordered a medium Bold Breakfast Tea with cream. You can also add stevia for sweetness.

Medium Iced Coffee With Blueberry and Cream

This iced coffee contains three shots of blueberry flavoring.

Medium Hot Blueberry Coffee With Cream

This Instagram user suggests bringing your own sweetener of your choice when ordering a blueberry hot coffee with cream.

Large Iced Coffee With Vanilla and Hazelnut

This person added heavy cream, three stevia packets, and ChocZero chocolate syrup to the iced coffee they originally ordered. All you have to ask for at Dunkin' is a large iced coffee with two shots of vanilla and four of hazelnut.

Medium Iced Cold Brew With Toasted Almond and Cream

This Dunkin' fan ordered a medium iced cold brew with cream and a flavor shot of toasted almond. They also said you can add liquid stevia if you want.

Large Unsweetened Green Iced Tea With Raspberry

You might want to try this order that has a shot of unsweetened raspberry, four Equals, and lemon. There's also extra ice.

Medium Iced Coffee With Vanilla and Light Heavy Cream

This Instagram user put two Splenda packets in their vanilla iced coffee.

Small Iced Latte With Hazelnut and Cream

This person opted out of the whipped cream and added hazelnut flavor to their latte. What do you think?

Large Iced Energy Cold Brew With Coconut, Toasted Almond, and Cream

"Large Energy Cold Brew with cream, coconut, and toasted almond," this user wrote. "I added two stevia packets afterwards."

Medium Iced Coffee With French Vanilla and Cream

Iced coffee with french vanilla, three creams, and four Splendas make up this keto-friendly drink. You in?