This Nonalcoholic Alternative to Aperol Spritz Is 25 Calories and Comes in Convenient Cans

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Move over, White Claw! There's a new bubbly, 25-calorie beverage in our cooler, and it's nonalcoholic. (Don't worry, it still has all the bliss of your favorite booze at the beach!)

Kin Euphorics High Rhode, the booze-free beverage that gave me the best "drunk" of my life, now comes premixed in convenient cans that are the perfect addition to your cooler this Summer. Kin Spritz is a premixed euphoric "cocktail" served in eight-ounce cans — just the right size to throw one (or a few) in your purse, lunch box, picnic basket, or beach bag! Plus, the booze-free beverage can go anywhere and everywhere alcohol can't, from your backyard BBQ to a concert in the park.

Think of Kin Spritz as an Aperol spritz alternative; the sparkling beverage is made with refreshing citrus and hibiscus and a kick of ginger. And like Kin High Rhode, Kin Spritz contains nootropics to replenish, adaptogens to balance, and botanics to nourish the brain and body while you have fun in the sun this Summer.

"We created this new ready-to-drink version of our fans' favorite Kin [High Rhode] drink as an ode to them and the energy sun and Summer are known to bring," said Jen Batchelor, cofounder of Kin Euphorics. "Cans make it so you can tote Kin with you wherever you go, and with zero alcohol that means everywhere you want to go. All of the bliss, with none of the fuss."

Kin is alcohol-, nut-, gluten-, dairy-, and added-sugar-free. Note that while Kin Spritz is a nonalcoholic beverage, it is intended for those 18 and up.

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