Laurie Hernandez Reveals the Emotional Power Behind Her Captain Marvel-Inspired Leotard

Laurie Hernandez is drawing on the power of superheroes as she makes a momentous return to competitive gymnastics. On Feb. 27, the 20-year-old athlete participated in her first meet after a nearly five-year hiatus. Such a highly anticipated occasion called for an equally incredible outfit, and Hernandez went above and beyond with her Captain Marvel-inspired leotard.

"I picked Captain Marvel as my inspiration for the leotard for the first meet back considering the message behind the whole movie: allowing yourself to truly embrace your emotions," Hernandez told POPSUGAR. "As someone who feels deeply, it was refreshing to hear and watch a heroes character arc be built on that."

She continued, "When I was sixteen and competing I denied feeling anxious, because I thought it made me weak, or that it meant I wasn't ready. After a four-and-a-half-year gap between the Rio Olympic Games and now, the new mindset is to embrace feeling anxious, and know that those feelings are what allow me to do big and powerful things!"

The GK Elite activewear features the signature red, yellow, and blue colors of Captain Marvel's famous suit, replicating the hero's electric energy. According to Hernandez's Instagram, this is just the start of her themed looks this year. "I told some of y'all that my leos i designed for this year are all inspired by superheroes... here's the first one!" she wrote, tagging Captain Marvel's Brie Larson. The actress responded shortly after, writing, "Consider this comment my formal stamp of approval!! Watching and wishing you strength in your return!"

Hernandez told us she has three more Marvel-themed leotards queued up for the season. She continues to keep fans on their toes as she teased a possible Scarlett Witch leotard in line with the WandaVision hype. We'll just have to wait and see what she brings out next!