Watch Brie Larson and Pro Wrestler Tegan Nox Do a Marvel-ous Upper-Body Dumbbell Workout

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Brie Larson officially has a brand new home gym fit for a superhero, and she's using it to get moving before Captain Marvel 2 filming commences — she calls it her "Captain Marvel gym." Professional wrestler Tegan Nox from the WWE is one of Larson's first (virtual) guests to work out with her — and it's a session that's all about the upper body.

Watch, or follow along, as Nox leads the actress through some mobility exercises to warm up — scap push-ups and seated face pulls with a band, for example — and then shares the meat of the weighted arm workout. There are shoulder-heavy moves like seated overhead presses and a combination split into forward circles, backward circles, and half shoulder raises. Glute bridge floor presses focus on the chest, and iso dynamic bent-over rows and regular bent-over rows target the back muscles. Nox ends with bicep curls and triceps kickbacks.

Fun fact: Nox's wrestling gear is actually based off of Captain Marvel's costume! "The thing that has just broken my heart open the most has been how many different kinds of people respond to Carol [Danvers]," Larson tells Nox, adding, "Seeing you wrestle with the star was why I chose to do the movie because I was like, 'I want to work really hard to create a symbol that other people can take and wear and feel power in.'"