Lululemon Threw Some Shade at Beyoncé's New Active Line, Immediately Regretted It

This morning, basically the whole universe was celebrating Beyoncé's new activewear line, Ivy Park. Everyone, that is, except for Lululemon. The brand quickly learned that even the lightest amount of shade thrown at Beyoncé on the Internet sparks a hellfire of fury from the Beyhive, and it immediately had that "I regret everything" moment.

Here's what went down: remember in Mean Girls when the new girl, Cady Heron, is "like, really pretty," so "Queen Bee" Regina George is feeling a little threatened? The same thing happened . . . except the "Queen Bee" is Lululemon and Cady Heron is Ivy Park, but Ivy Park has a huge fan base, and Queen Bee Lululemon didn't realize that Queen Bey's fans will literally end you if you speak ill of anything to do with Mrs. Carter.

It started with shots fired (sort of):

Ivy Park

Insinuating that Beyoncé is copying you — on Twitter — is essentially a death wish.

And Beyoncé fans were quick to pronounce the death of Lululemon. RIP.

RIP lululemon

— Brittany Cohen (@BRITTANY_COHEN3) March 31, 2016

But Lululemon started to back-pedal . . .

@RadiantTiffani Hey now, you won't find us six feet under. We love a little competition, especially with the Queen B.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

@amandaacastlee We don't plan to bow down to the Queen B when it comes to workout gear, but you know we're going to keep buying her albums.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

Lululemon has since deleted this tweet, in which it refused to "bow down."

But, as you could expect, eventually it actually did have to bow down to the Beyhive.

@MafiaPrincessM We hear you. We never meant any harm with the original post.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016

@Bey_angu It's been taken down. We appreciate the feedback.

— lululemon athletica (@lululemon) March 31, 2016