The Weight-Loss Struggle Is Real and Illustrated Perfectly in These Memes

POPSUGAR Photography | Rima Brindamour
POPSUGAR Photography | Rima Brindamour

You're trying to lose weight. Well . . . yeah . . . trying. It's hard to fully commit to the process because food is life and the gym just isn't your jam. If this sounds familiar, then you'll likely relate to these funny memes. Feel free to pass us the snacks while you scroll through! Because, same . . . same.


Wait, why isn't this working?

Just one piece for me.

Screw you, diet.


There's only so much willpower a person can have!

Or topped with ice cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and a dozen doughnuts?!

Pizza babies are the best!

The day started out sooooo good!

Inquiring minds want to know.


Walking through the doors is half the battle.

Seriously! What gives you the right?

Sounds about right.

Or . . . a side of pizza?

So relaxing.

Now we're just mad because we didn't think of this first!

Who can say no to those Hostess CupCakes?

You do!