Is White or Red Wine Healthier? These 35 Memes Say, "Who Cares?! Let's Drink!"

Oh wine. You're always there for us when we need you the most, which may or may not be every night this week. It's OK! A glass of wine a day is good for your physical and mental health. And since you pound boatloads of kale, avocados, and raw almonds, sipping on a little glass of wine is part of your balanced diet (but do drink responsibly). So pour a glass and have a chuckle reading through these funny memes all about your wine obsession.

You know the answer is always yes.

Such a tough call.

Wine has health benefits, so go for the full glass!

Yeah, don't put me down for morning cardio.

I can see your logic.

Just pour already!

This may or may not have happened.

Wine does offer antioxidants!

If you've had an early morning workout, you've already been up for four hours so . . .

It goes down so easy!

Totally logical.

Are you a winner every night of the week?!

Relax! She loves and needs you both equally for her emotional well-being.

Seriously, don't even go there.

Close enough.


You'll go for the smoothie and hike tomorrow.

Best math equation ever.

If it makes you happy, it's a good thing!

Ha, we wish!


Smart move!

Yes! Give your body what it needs.

We approve 100 percent.


Hydration is very important!

Don't overthink it!

Or is it whine? Who cares, let's drink!


Go for the wine! As long as you enjoy it with a healthy, balanced diet, it's all good!