You Will Fall Out of Your Chair When You See These Ultrahot Pictures of Michael B. Jordan Working Out

Instagram | michaelbjordan

Need a dose of motivation? Wait, who are we kidding . . . this is just indulgent. We found ourselves down the same rabbit hole that you were likely in, too (we see you), so we had to pull together the best moments of Michael B. Jordan doing his fitness thing on Instagram.

Maybe it'll get you to the gym, or maybe it'll just be a dose of joy to get you through the workday. Either way, Michael's body demands to be acknowledged. And we're just doing the right thing by acknowledging it. Do the right thing.

Michael B. Jordan Has the Body of a Greek God

And We're All Noticing

Notice the arrow pointing to his abs. Somewhat unnecessary as they're already the focal point.

But He Didn't Get There Without Hard Work

Just ask his trainer (this is his trainer's Instagram, and yes, we went down the hot-pictures-of-Michael-B.-Jordan-working-out rabbit hole).

He Obviously Had to Get in Tip-Top Shape For Creed

And It . . . Really Paid Off

*Bites Fist*

There's Cardio, Too

And No One Is Mad About His Intense Training Schedule

Especially Not Us

Oh. Hello.