Troll Calls Model "Fat Cow," Model Responds by Covering Body With Snacks

How would you respond if someone called you a "fat cow" on Instagram?

Model Iskra Lawrence has some thoughts on this and a more creative approach than we've typically seen in response to Internet bullies.

An Instagram user left the following comment on one of her pictures: ""Fat cow. It's only cus every F****r on this planet is obese that that's the norm... Plus-size models? give me a F*****g breaking. Everyone needs to stop eating McDonald's, the NHS is f****d because of people like her eating too many bags of crisps."

Classy, right? So Iskra responded in the best way possible: by covering her body in snacks and flipping off the troll in question, saying "This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT."

Iskra is not the first model to field hateful comments because of her curves. Fellow model Ashley Graham has received negative comments about her size from Internet trolls as well and has used her platform to speak out against fat-shamers.