Um, Yes, This Antigravity Beanbag Is Exactly What We Need to De-Stress and Relax

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Remember the beanbag you had in your bedroom as a kid? Well, it just got a major upgrade. John Fiorentino, the founder of the gravity weighted blanket, has taken relaxation to another level with Moon Pod ($299, originally $399), a zero-gravity beanbag that guarantees "all day deep relaxation."

The Moon Pod beanbag was designed "to mimic the therapeutic feeling of flotation therapy" and is a great alternative for those who get claustrophobic easily or just want to relax at home.

It's made from "a unique blended material which encapsulates thousands of high-friction EPS beads that react and respond to every inch of your body." Long story short: it's going to make you feel like you're floating on a cloud. According to the Moon Pod website, it can improve circulation, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, relieve stress, and help with depression. And unlike your beanbag from the '90s, this beanbag can be adjusted and used as a chair or a recliner and can even be used horizontally for those much-needed naps.

If you're really looking to spice things up, you'll throw a weighted blanket into the mix for peak comfort levels. Your next Netflix marathon already sounds better.