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Weighted Blanket Benefits

I Spent $200 on a Weighted Blanket, and It's Changed My Entire F*cking Life

Weighted Blanket Benefits
Image Source: Gravity

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Editor's note: The author wrote this while curled up under a weighted blanket.

My Friday nights are typically saved for drinking wine, catching up on my DVR, and surfing the internet. (Do people still say "surfing the internet?") Late last year, during one of these weekly rabbit-hole sessions, I stumbled upon a Kickstarter for a weighted "gravity blanket" that promised to ease stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

As someone who cherishes sleep to a borderline-disturbing level, I was intrigued. Anything that promises to help me keep calm and sleep on will always get my attention, but something about this seemed different (probably because I'd had a few glasses of wine). After checking out the Kickstarter video, I entered my billing information and slammed the order button. After some months, I was the proud owner of a weighted blanket. I've been using it nearly every day since, and it's pretty much changed my life.

The Gravity Blanket ($249, originally $279) comes in a cozy dark gray shade and is the perfect size to cover one person (i.e., me) on a bed or couch. The blanket you choose should be roughly 10 percent of your bodyweight (for example, I bought a 15-pound one), but you can go with something lighter or heavier if you want.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that $249 is nothing, because it's not. Even though I paid considerably less because I got the Kickstarter price, the Gravity Blanket is still one of the more expensive things in my home. But when I get to my apartment, take my bra off, fall onto the couch, and throw my blanket over me, it feels like a much-needed hug at the end of a long and trying day. Here's why you should snap one up for yourself and thank me later.

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