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Nathan Handheld Phone Holder For Running Review

I’ve Been Using This 1 Piece of Running Gear For 6 Months and Now I Can't Run Without It!

Nathan Handheld Phone Holder For Running Review

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After my CrossFit gym closed in March, I got back into running outside — it was perfect timing with the arrival of warmer spring weather. It took a little while to get in the groove, but once I found supportive sneakers, clothes that wouldn't chafe while running for an hour, and earbuds that wouldn't fall out, I was loving my morning runs!

I also needed a way to carry my phone, and while I've tried small running packs you wear on your waist, I found those to be annoying because they'd constantly ride up and I'd have to adjust them several times while running. Armbands seemed like a good idea but they'd always slide off or felt too constricting. So when Nathan sent me this Vista Handheld Phone Carrier ($30), after my first run with it, I immediately fell in love. Now I can't run without it!

My phone easily slides into this holder (without having to remove my case), and it allows me to comfortably carry my phone in my right hand. It's lightweight enough that it doesn't affect my arm swing, and it actually feels comforting having it in my hand because as a mom of two kids (one with a rare seizure disorder), I want to make sure I can be contacted at all times. Having my phone so easily accessible makes me feel more at ease, and in the event something comes up, I know I can answer my phone immediately. I also run on country roads and in the woods, so I like the safety of having my phone in my hand in case I get hurt . . . or attacked by a bear (you never know living in Vermont!).

I also love listening to podcasts or YouTube videos so I can learn something or get inspired on my runs. While I love being able to adjust the volume on my Apple Watch, I need to manage what I'm listening to directly on my phone. When I previously kept my phone in my running waist pack, I'd have to stop running, unzip the pack, take it out, switch podcasts or videos, put it back in, and zip it back up before I could start running again.

With this Nathan handheld carrier, the thin plastic has conductive touchscreen technology, so I can quickly glance down and make quick changes with my left hand, and still stay focused on my run. If I'm bored of listening to The Moth and want to switch to the Food Heaven podcast it's easy!

Another bonus I didn't even realize I needed was that this phone holder has reflective detailing on the front. The sun is rising later and later, and now I'm heading out for my morning runs in the pitch black, so the more visibility I can have, the safer I feel.

Keep reading for detailed photos of the Nathan Vista Handheld Phone Carrier.

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