You Can Buy Nondairy, Mexican Hot Chocolate Almond Milk, So Bring on the Cozy Winter Nights

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze just came out with a festive nondairy "milk" that might just be the new drink of the holiday season. The flavor: Mexican hot chocolate. Yes, that means the classic combo of sweet and spicy, with bursts of cinnamon and red pepper to heat up the sweet, chocolatey drink you know and love.

In addition to cinnamon and red pepper, the Almond Breeze Mexican Hot Chocolate contains almond milk, cane sugar, and processed cocoa for that rich chocolate flavor. As for the nutrition facts, the dairy-free drink has two grams of protein as well as 23 grams of carbs and 19 grams of sugar; a little higher than your traditional almond milk but comparable to other brands of Mexican hot chocolate. And the brand made a point of assuring buyers that the drink could be enjoyed cold or hot, so you can pop it in the microwave and add marshmallows (try this vegan brand!) just like you're used to. You can pick up a quart now in grocery stores across the US; check the Blue Diamond website to find a location near you.