This Inspiring Amputee Doesn't Let Anything Hold Her Back From Intense Workouts

I'll admit it: I've used silly excuses like rug burn or a mild headache to get out of attending workout classes. Admittedly, when it comes to fitness, I have very little motivation to actually work out and all sorts of motivation to create excuses for myself — but after discovering Brazilian travel, fitness, and lifestyle model Paola Antonini, it's hard to justify skipping another workout. Antonini, who lost her leg after being hit by a drunk driver in 2014, doesn't let her prosthetic leg get in the way of her fitness routine.

The adventurous influencer tries everything from slack-lining to dance classes to snorkeling, inspiring others to overcome their obstacles with a positive attitude, cheerful smile, and kickass set of abs. The internet can't get enough of her inspiring Instagram account, which boasts over one million followers. Check out some of the incredible experiences that Antonini has under her belt, then consider: what's your excuse?



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