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What Do Peloton Instructors Wear?

Here's How Your Favorite Peloton Instructors Get Dressed For Class — and For the Real World

What Do Peloton Instructors Wear?
Image Source: Courtesy of Jess Sims

I live for the moments my two favorite hobbies intersect: fitness and fashion. Usually, this happens when I least expect it — like when I'm on the treadmill sweating through one of Peloton instructor Jess Sims's Saturday 60 bootcamps, grinning from ear to ear (seriously, no fitness instructor has ever made me smile so wide), and I realize, "Hey, I really dig her outfit!" That got me thinking: how do the Peloton instructors — all of whom are basically celebrities in their own right with close to 100,000 Instagram followers — get dressed? Do they work with a Peloton stylist who advises them as to which sports bra best complements their metallic leggings? Rebecca Kennedy has so many metallic leggings! OMG, where does she keep them all? All of these thoughts rushed through my head as I sprinted my way toward the floor portion of the workout. (Yes, Jess, I took my butt with me! If you know, you know.)

"I love cropping tanks, cutting sleeves off tees, making capris into bike shorts, and layering sports bras."

I wanted desperately to ask these questions of the Peloton trainers, since they often get stoked about their looks, dressing up for themed rides and runs just to add a little more spunk to an already funkified workout. Even their beauty looks can be eccentric, with rainbow eyeshadow and glitter. Mostly, I just love how confident they all appear as they exercise in front of the world. Sure, it may be dark in the studio, but the camera lights amplify the trainers and their personalities, and they carry themselves with so much poise. A lot of that comes from what they're wearing and the fact that they feel so comfortable in their outfits.

I got the chance to talk to Robin Arzón, Ally Love, Olivia Amato, Jess Sims, Rebecca Kennedy, and my own personal running hero, Becs Gentry, who all confirmed that they have free rein when it comes to their wardrobes. "We always have to wear at least one Peloton-branded article of clothing, but they encourage us to be authentic to ourselves and do as we want. I love cropping tanks, cutting sleeves off tees, making capris into bike shorts, and layering sports bras," Sims told me about her personal style. But all six women got even more personal than that (it's cool, we sweat together!) and dished on their all-time favorite fashion moments, along with more details about their personal style. And I know you won't be mad that I asked them to name their favorite training shoes, too. What, you thought I'd leave you hanging?

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