I Spent $85 on a Custom Pillow, and I'm Not Kidding, It Has Changed My Life

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For years, getting a restful night of sleep and waking up feeling refreshed has proven to be an elusive feat for me. I have an anxiety disorder and PTSD, so I frequently wake up in the middle of the night after an unsettling or frightening nightmare. I also have lupus, a chronic autoimmune illness that (among other things) causes extreme fatigue and body pain. I'm exhausted more often than not, but the body aches caused by my condition make it difficult for me to get comfortable in bed, leaving me to frequently toss and turn throughout the night.

I take medications to treat my anxiety and lupus, and I do my best to follow a healthy nighttime routine. I drink herbal tea before bed, meditate, and turn on my aromatherapy humidifier. All these things help, but the bottom line is that if I can't get comfortable in bed, I won't be able to get a good night's rest. I've always paid attention to mattress reviews and have found that a good mattress makes a big difference in my sleep quality, but I never gave much thought to my pillows until a friend with similar health problems suggested that I try a custom-made pillow from Pluto Pillow ($85).

I was initially a little skeptical — I've heard a lot of talk about the importance of mattress quality, but less about pillows, so I wasn't entirely sure it would be worth the $85 price tag. But once I learned that I could get a full refund if 100 nights with the pillow didn't help me, I figured it was worth a shot. So I headed to the brand's website and filled out the questionnaire. It started with the basics like my age, height, and weight, and asked for a description of the height, firmness, and filling of the pillow I was currently using. Next I was prompted to provide feedback about what I did and didn't like about my pillow. (I felt it was too soft and too low.) The questionnaire also asked for details about my bed and mattress, and the position I'm usually in when I fall asleep and when I wake up.

I received my Pluto Pillow a week later and immediately realized the pillow I'd been using looked pretty pitiful by comparison.

I received my Pluto Pillow a week later and immediately realized the pillow I'd been using looked pretty pitiful by comparison. Because the questionnaire also had a space where I could add any other information I considered relevant, I described my health problems and why I was searching for a pillow that would hopefully help me wake up feeling less achy. As a result, the pillow I got was really firm and supportive — and this is huge for me, because a lot of my body pain is concentrated in my upper back and shoulders.

I've been using my new pillow for about three months now and it has significantly improved the quality of my sleep and, even more importantly, how I feel when I wake up. Because of the support provided by the pillow, I'm able to get into a comfortable position so I fall asleep more easily and wake up less often due to pain. My upper back and shoulders feel less achy when I wake up, so my mornings naturally get off to a better start. If you have trouble sleeping, whether it's due to body pain, insomnia, or another reason, I'd definitely recommend giving Pluto Pillow a try. In my mind, there's no wiser investment than the one you make for your sleep.