These Fitness Studios Are Going Beyond Decking Themselves in Rainbows For Pride

It's refreshing to see fitness studios do more for the LGBTQ+ community than posting on Instagram with a "Happy Pride!" message. What does "do more" mean? These five studios serve as great examples of ways to begin financially supporting LGBTQ+-serving organizations and uplifting LGBTQ+ talent. Keep reading to check out how these studios are celebrating Pride 2021 with more than just rainbow imagery.

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On June 11, Brrrn launched a 30-Minute Post-Top Surgery Workout led by openly trans instructor Mar Keller. "The beauty of this class," Mar said to POPSUGAR, "is that anyone (not just transgender folks!) can benefit from this workout if they have sedentary lifestyles or find themselves hunching over a computer all day."

This workout targets the upper body, mid-back, hips, and glute muscles as these areas "tend to become tight after a lack of movement during recovery and potentially years of hunching forward trying to hide parts of the body that are dysphoric," Mar explained.

Check out Mar's 30-Minute Post-Top Surgery Workout above, which Brrrn has made available on YouTube for free.

Brrrn "often releases workouts to their YouTube platform in order to allow anyone to access free fitness," Director of Engagement J.W. Crump said to POPSUGAR. Fortunately, this Post-Top Surgery Workout is one of them.


In celebration of Pride 2021, Equinox has released its annual #POWEREDBYPRIDE film, which, this year, highlights the members of the ballroom community. One of the film's stars, Dashaun Wesley, has vogue dance classes available on the EQX+ app. Plus, Equinox is making donations to the Hetrick-Martin Institute.

Y7 Studio

In June, Y7 Studio will be donating from all of its Tuesday live flows to Out Now, Third Wave Fund, New Alternatives, Queer Liberation March, and The Trevor Project.


Along with its 2021 Pride collection and signature Pride rides, SoulCycle is donating to Bronx-based LGBTQ+ center Destination Tomorrow. According to promotional materials, SoulCycle also plans to provide select queer-centered organizations across the country with community bikes.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga will donate a portion of the proceeds from its 19 online live classes on June 17 to The Trevor Project!