This Trainer Did 100 Kettlebell Swings in Her Full-Body Workout, So Are You Up For a Challenge?

We know we can always count on certified personal trainer Alexia Clark for her challenging, creative, muscle-burning Instagram workouts. Just check out her at-home ab workout or this intense dumbbell arm challenge to see what we mean. Or, just stick around here. Her latest workout is a three-move, five-round full-body routine, and just looking at it is making my abs nervous.

FYI, this quick routine requires one kettlebell; look at this guide to find the right weight for you. Once you've got your weight, check out the full workout and a few key notes ahead.

Alexia Clark's Quick Full-Body Workout

Complete the reps or time for each of these exercises. Once you finish the last exercise, go back to the first one and repeat the sequence for a total of five rounds. (You'll hit 100 kettlebell swings by the end — get ready!)

  • Kettlebell swings: 20 reps. Remember that this is a hip hinge exercise, Alexia said. Use the momentum of your hips to swing the kettlebells, not your arms! (Here are more tips on doing kettlebell swings correctly.)
  • Bear crawl: One minute. "Keep your booty down for your best crawl," Alexia wrote in the caption.
  • Side plank crunch: 10 reps on each side. To modify this challenging move, drop down onto one knee.

Check the video above to watch Alexia do each exercise in a hot pink sports bra and leggings combo that I'm extremely jealous of. Remember to modify when you need to and try a lower number of sets (two or three are a good place to start) if five is too much for today. And if you've got a thing for challenging full-body circuits, here's a great 25-minute workout with weights to add to your weekly routine.