Reddi-Wip's New Coconut Milk Whipped Cream Is a Dairy-Free Dream Come True

Reddi-Wip has given its signature product a much-appreciated dairy-free makeover. The dessert brand just introduced two new nondairy whipped cream cans made with almond and coconut milk respectively. Now please ignore us as we put this stuff on absolutely everything.

In case you were wondering, yes, the vegan Reddi-Wip is already available in stores across the US. According to one lucky shopper who's already had a chance to try it, the coconut milk whipped cream might be the real winner. "The coconut milk one is a little sweeter and leaves a better aftertaste," the shopper wrote. "I'd repurchase coconut, whereas I'm not really craving the almond milk one in the same way enough to repurchase."

Elated? Intrigued? Enjoy pictures of the sweet treat ahead and perhaps decide which one you prefer with your own at-home taste test. It's for research purposes, of course. Just research.