Please Enjoy 85-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsburg Whooping Stephen Colbert's Butt in a Workout

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg may be 85 years old, but she can still crush a workout like she's a young and sprightly 45. When the Supreme Court justice made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she showed the late-night host how she gets sh*t done in the gym, and it's truly a joy to witness.

Together the two did "The RBG Workout" while listening to opera music, per Ginsburg's request, and the 85-year-old totally schooled the 53-year-old TV personality. They first went through a warmup session, followed by some planks, lat pulldowns (in front of the chest of course because RBG knows good form), dumbbell exercises, and push-ups, the last of which Colbert does on his knees while Justice Ginsburg does not. Ha! She surprisingly didn't wear her signature scrunchie for the sweat session, but she did wear the cutest darn "Super Diva" sweatshirt, whereas Colbert ditched his suit pants for some shorts. What a fashionable combo these two are!

Throughout the routine, Colbert cracked a handful of hilarious jokes, saying, "I don't think Paul Ryan could do this" as he and Ginsburg did overhead triceps extensions with a dumbbell. Toward the end, he quiped, "How strong are you on the Second Amendment? Because welcome to the gun show," while flexing his biceps. Watch the Notorious RBG run circles around Colbert in the funny segment ahead.