Tokyo Olympics Are 1 Year Away, and This TikTok Proves Simone Biles Is Better Than Ever

Team USA posted this TikTok of Simone Biles's epic gymnastics moments. As if we didn't already know, the compilation proves just how amazing she is and how she defies gravity as usual! She's gotten even better than she was when she competed at the Rio Games in 2016; it gives me goosebumps watching her. Does anyone else hold their breath when she's in mid air?

Team USA wanted to get you pumped because the postponed Tokyo Olympics are exactly one year away on July 24, 2021. The caption said, "Tokyo ain't ready for the GOAT." Now we're even more excited to watch her compete! With all the American athletes training so hard and remaining positive, seeing Simone in her happy place offers us hope for what next year will bring.