Soothe Your Daily Stress With Sound Baths This Yoga Instructor Posts on Instagram

Phyllicia Bonanno
Phyllicia Bonanno

A sound bath is exactly that: you're bathed in sound. Here, for instance, is a recent example from singer Jhené Aiko. Phyllicia Bonanno, a certified yoga teacher, describes it as a "deeply therapeutic and meditative practice using crystal singing bowls to create vibrations through the body."

Bonanno told POPSUGAR via email that these baths incorporate sound as well as meditation, and it's a cleansing experience that pushes you into a state of deep relaxation (almost like a trance, she said). Bonanno's yoga certification covers meditation. She then discovered the power of sound through these bowls and has used it in her practice for about two years now, sharing videos with her 100,000-plus Instagram followers.

You can join any of Bonanno's virtual sound baths to find a sense of calm and peace. When asked if listening to sound baths online can bring the same benefits, she noted that, yes, you can definitely experience stress relief regardless of whether you're online or in person.

We know music can have soothing properties. In fact, "after experiencing a sound bath, many leave feeling restored and at peace," Bonanno said. "Sound baths help to cleanse stagnant energy, encouraging your body to alleviate feelings of anxiety." Each chakra — different energy point — has a "specific physical, mental, and spiritual quality that flows all the way up through your entire body. Balancing our chakras helps to balance us," she explained.

"What's most important," Bonanno stated, "is that people take the time for themselves and find a mindfulness practice that works for them." Ahead, check out some of the sound baths she's posted on her IGTV channel. She'll be sharing more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!