Stay Cool While You Work Out With These Underwater Weights

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If you're lucky enough to have access to a pool — whether it's your own, a public facility, or one that belongs to a friend — we salute you. There's nothing quite like soaking up some rays during the warmer months (I bet you can just smell the chlorine and sunscreen from here). There are plenty of ways to work out in the water — check out these calorie-burning exercises and this lower-body routine. You can 100-percent utilize equipment under water, and Speedo USA has just the thing: Hydro Shredders that target your arms just like dumbbells would on dry land.

According to Speedo USA, these Hydro Shredders are similar to weights in that you can hold one in each hand. They deliver an intense upper-body workout due to the "nonstop resistance" that occurs when water is channeled through surface holes in the Shredders. One Amazon reviewer wrote that they provide "significant and smooth resistance in the water in nearly all directions. They are great for punches, crossovers, lunges, rows, flies, etc." The reviewer went on to write that the handles are easy to grip; plus, you can grip one in both hands while the second floats nearby.

Another reviewer explained that resistance varies with speed, so the faster you move the Hydro Shredders, the heavier the resistance is. This ultimately lets you control how difficult specific exercises are. One reviewers even takes these with them to water aerobics class for added intensity. There's an idea! Plus, you can bring the Hydro Shredders if you're taking a trip to a lake or the beach (though pools are definitely the easier option since you won't have to worry about rough ground or any fish swimming by). Ahead, check out a demonstration video from Speedo and where you can purchase this awesome underwater gear to up your pool workout game big time.

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