The Surprising Places Where People Overindulge

Everyday plans get in the way of healthy eating goals on a regular basis. At this point, you probably realize that sugar-laden coffee drinks and late-night calls to your favorite fast-food joint need to be an occasional indulgence. What you might not realize is how easy it is to rack up the calories during common day-to-day activities.

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Brunch With Friends

You head to the table with the best intentions, but if you don't stay strong, then they're dead on arrival. There's no reason to give up this weekend ritual, but skip the sweet offerings, ask for healthy substitutions, and, most importantly, don't overdo it on mimosas and bloody Marys. Avoid tacking on unneeded calories and sugar to your meal by thinking things through before placing your order. Be smart about your choices, and remember: you don't want to be left in a food coma and forced to blow off your afternoon plans.

Airport Layovers

With all the stress that comes with traveling, it's tempting to beeline your way straight from security to an airport bar for a few beers (and whatever food is most fried on the menu). Not only can this lead to potential stomach trouble once you're in the air, but also, it completely zaps your energy and leaves you less satisfied than healthier food choices. Whenever possible, arrive to the airport on a full stomach, and have healthy, airport-friendly snacks packed. When you haven't had a chance to eat ahead of time or you're on a layover, take a few laps around the terminal to find the healthiest options available. Don't jump to order at the first place you see!

Networking Events

It's nerve-racking to enter to a room full of strangers to chat about business and, hopefully, make connections. What's worse than this anxiety? Relying on too much booze for false confidence and making a bad first impression. Limit yourself to two drinks (tops!), and space them out throughout the night. If possible, head to the event after eating a healthy dinner, or snack so you won't be famished — all those little free canapés and appetizers add up.

Solo TV Night

Staying in to catch up on DVR and emails is a responsible choice for nighttime plans, but it's far too easy to chow down all night long. When staring at a screen with minds elsewhere, people tend to overeat without realizing. Keep screen time and mealtime separate whenever possible, and on nights when you stay in, cook a healthy meal at home! There's no need to call in for heavy takeout when you've got time to spare.