Sweat App Announces Beginner Program: Meet the Badass Trainers Leading the Workouts

Luke Wooden
Luke Wooden

If it's been a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years since you've had a consistent workout plan, the Sweat app has you covered. The platform announced an all-new beginner fitness offering called Move Again, which features three new trainers and four new fitness programs. The workouts are tailored for beginners, whether that's a total fitness novice or someone who hasn't worked out in a while. The best part is these workouts are mostly low-impact, so they won't put added stress on your joints, but still high-intensity to get the calorie burn and sweat-induced endorphins you are looking for.

"The majority (84 percent) of the women we spoke to said if they were able to exercise regularly, it would help them feel more confident, but they needed to find a workout program that felt achievable, realistic, and motivating," Sweat co-founder Kayla Itsines said in a press release. "Our mission at Sweat is to listen to the needs of women and make fitness as accessible as possible. We quickly realized that we needed to create a new collection of beginner fitness programs to meet women where they are today and support them to return to fitness on their own terms."

The programs, available exclusively on the Sweat app, require minimal to no equipment (think: one set of dumbbells and a chair), and can be completed almost anywhere. Each workout program includes four weeks of workouts for 16 new weeks of Move Again workouts total on the Sweat app.

Sweat App 12-Month Free Membership Offer

From now until June 27, POPSUGAR readers have access to a free 12-month membership with the Sweat app at this link, a $120 value. This offer is for new members only and not eligible for current Sweat subscribers (click here for offer details).

To learn more about the Move Again workout programs and the trainers leading the workouts, keep scrolling. Make yourself a priority and jump-start your fitness routine today!

Samantha Ortiz-Young
Luke Wooden

Samantha Ortiz-Young

Sweat Program: Low Impact HIIT with Samantha

Where she lives: Brooklyn, New York

Instagram profile: @so_manti

Qualifications: Certified functional strength coach and certified personal trainer through the American Fitness Institute

About Samantha: Samantha started her fitness career with dance classes to empower women in her community, which led to teaching strength and bootcamp classes. She eventually opened her own studio in Brooklyn that she ran with her mom and sister. Samantha is passionate about motivating women to be active, and she believes that fitness is for everyone and should be fun. Her fitness style combines compound movements with a burst of cardio in between to keep the energy high and help people build muscle while also working on their endurance.

About Low Impact HIIT with Samantha: A 4-week beginner-friendly program to help build strength and endurance and focuses on total-body strengthening. The program features three easy-to-follow 20 minute workouts each week that incorporate a variety of workout types, including Tabata, AMRAP, and express full-body strength. All of the workouts are equipment-free and can be done anywhere.

Anissia Hughes
Luke Wooden

Anissia Hughes

Sweat Program: Bodyweight Strength with Anissia

Where she lives: Colorado

Instagram profile: @avh__fitness

Qualifications: NASM-certified personal trainer

About Anissia: Anissia started her love of fitness by playing basketball from a young age into college. After stepping away from basketball, she got back into fitness with weightlifting, circuits, and functional training. Anissia's style of training is based on exercise fundamentals and keeping workouts uncomplicated by using bodyweight-only moves. Anissia aims to show that you don't need a gym, equipment, or a certain body type to start your fitness journey.

"I want to help women start moving again, not only for their physical health, but to help them show up for themselves and believe that there is nothing they cannot do or achieve in this lifetime," she told POPSUGAR.

About Bodyweight Strength with Anissia: A 4-week program that features low-impact exercises to help people build strength and endurance with no equipment, right at home. It's beginner-friendly, and encourages people to get moving again whether they are a true beginner or have just taken some time off their fitness routine.

Marilyn Rodriguez
Luke Wooden

Marilyn Rodriguez

Sweat Program: Strength & Cardio with Marilyn

Where she lives: Los Angeles

Instagram profile: @fitwithmarilyn

Qualifications: ISSA-certified personal trainer

About Marilyn: One spontaneous trip to the gym with a friend sparked a love of fitness for Marilyn. She uses cardio and strength training as an opportunity to feel motivated and inspired to challenge herself. "Fitness transformed my life from surviving to thriving, and has shown me what true self care looks and feels like," she told POPSUGAR. "I am so excited to offer women fun and engaging workouts through my new Strength & Cardio program to help them kick-start their fitness journey."

Her training style is focused on strength and cardio combo workouts. She wants people to focus on training for performance over aesthetics and build a better relationship with their body and not pay attention to their size or the number on the scale.

About Strength & Cardio with Marilyn: A 4-week program that blends strength and cardio into 20-minutes that are perfect for beginners. The workouts require minimal equipment, such as a set of dumbbells and chair, and you only need a space the size of a yoga mat to perform the exercises.

Kelsey Wells
Luke Wooden

Kelsey Wells

Sweat Program: Low Impact Strength with Kelsey

Where she lives: Salt Lake City

Instagram profile: @kelseywells

Qualifications: NASM-certified personal trainer, NPTA prenatal and postnatal certifications.

About Kelsey: Kelsey's health and fitness journey began in 2015 after giving birth to her son. She struggled with postnatal anxiety, and found the mental and physical benefits of exercise. In addition to this new Low Impact Strength With Kelsey program, she also has other popular programs exclusively on the Sweat app: PWR (gym-based strength training), PWR at Home (home-based strength training), PWR Zero Equipment (bodyweight strength training), and PWR Post Pregnancy.

About Low Impact Strength with Kelsey: This program includes four weeks of beginner-friendly workouts to help people build strength without putting added pressure on their joints. The program features two easy-to-follow 20-minute workouts each week, and the workouts focus on lower-body basics and full-body fundamentals. There are optional upper body and core workouts available, too. The workouts can all be done at home and require minimal equipment, such as a pair of dumbbells.

"Strength training has so many incredible benefits for your health: mentally, emotionally and physically," she told POPSUGAR. "It is also a sustainable form of exercise that you can include in your life in the long term, making it a great foundation for beginners looking for a lasting positive lifestyle change."