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Workouts to Get Back in Shape

A 4-Week Beginner's Program to Get Back in Shape and Build Muscle

Workouts to Get Back in Shape

There's nothing wrong with taking a break from working out, but if you're ready to get back into a routine, it's best to start off slow to prevent overwhelming yourself and getting injured. The workouts in this four-week program start off light and will begin to become more challenging as your body adapts to the load and you get stronger over the four-week period. Ideally, you'll follow this exact program for four weeks, but it's absolutely OK to mix it up to fit your schedule and fitness level.

The only equipment you'll need is a set (or two, if available) of dumbbells and a yoga mat or a soft surface to do some of the exercises on. Once you complete the four weeks, you can repeat this program but make sure to either increase the weights you're using and/or the difficulty of the movements. Check out the full program ahead, and get ready to work.

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