12 Times Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Nearly Melted the Ice During Their Legendary Career

Ice dancing royalty Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have officially retired, and naturally, we can't stop thinking about their iconic performances over the years. Though most fans knew the Canadian pair's retirement was imminent (they haven't actually competed since the 2018 Olympics), it's still the end of an era in the figure skating world. Tessa and Scott are the most decorated Olympic ice dancers in history, with two individual gold medals and one individual silver, as well as a silver and gold from the Olympic team events.

Over the years, Tessa and Scott have turned out a wide variety of spectacular, intricate programs, running the gamut from classical ballroom styles to sexy and modern dances to elegant, delicate programs. It's almost impossible to narrow it down to just a few memorable moments, but in honor of their retirement, that's exactly what we've done. Keep reading for 12 of Tessa and Scott's best performances, and relive your favorite programs as they step away from competition for good.

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2007 World Championships Original Dance — "Assassination Tango"

Tessa and Scott made a big splash during their first year on the senior circuit, and this original dance (a now-defunct stylized segment of the competition) made everyone sit up and take notice right away, despite finishing only sixth at Worlds.

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2008 World Championships Free Dance — "Umbrellas of Cherbourg"

In the early days of their career, Tessa and Scott carved out a space for themselves with Old Hollywood-esque, light and bright programs that appeared joyful and effortless despite the technical difficulty. They won their first Worlds medal — a silver — with this sparkling free dance to the Umbrellas of Cherbourg soundtrack.

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2010 Nationals Original Dance — "Farrucas"

Tessa and Scott took this program — marked by its ballroom-Latin flavor and a stunning no-touch step sequence — on to impress on home ice at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

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2010 World Championships Free Dance — Mahler's "Symphony No. 5"

This delicate, intricate program set to a classical Mahler piece became one of Tessa and Scott's signature performances. When they performed this routine at the 2010 Olympics, the duo made history: they became the first Canadians (and the first North Americans, period) to win Olympic ice dance gold, the first ice dance team to win gold during their Olympic debut, the first ice dancers to win gold on home ice, and the youngest ice dancers to ever win gold.

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2013 World Championships Gala — "Hallelujah"

While Tessa and Scott's competitive programs have always been stunning, their gala programs — designed to be more artistic, without having to hit specified technical elements — show off their personality and creativity. This "Hallelujah" program marked a turning point away from the youthful brightness of previous seasons and towards a more grown-up, lyrical style.

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2013 World Championships Free Dance — "Carmen"

If you ask a fan of Tessa and Scott when they flipped the switch from Canada's sweethearts to steaming up the ice, most will direct you to their 2013 free dance to "Carmen." It's passionate, intense, and kicked off their reputation for seriously sexy moments on the ice.

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2014 National Championships Free Dance — "The Seasons"

This elegant classical program took Tessa and Scott back to their roots. After polishing it in the early season and at nationals, they performed the routine at their second Olympics appearance in Sochi, where they took home silver, just behind their American training partners Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

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2014 Olympics Gala — "Stay"

On occasion, the outright sexiness of Tessa and Scott's later style gave way to something so achingly tender that it almost felt intrusive to watch. That's definitely the case with their gala program to Rihanna's "Stay," which leaned heavily into their chemistry as much as their skating skill.

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2016 NHK Trophy Short Dance — Prince Medley

After two seasons off, Tessa and Scott roared back for the 2016-2017 season. Their short dance combined the required blues pattern dance with hip-hop choreography and a modern, endlessly fun medley of Prince songs, proving that they were back and better than ever.

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2017 World Championships Free Dance — "Latch"

Lyrical choreography and angsty pop music had become all the rage since music with lyrics began to be permitted in figure skating programs, but Tessa and Scott did it better than most. Their free dance to an acoustic version of Sam Smith's "Latch" was the winning formula for a gold medal at Worlds in their comeback season.

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2018 Nationals Free Dance — "Moulin Rouge"

Tessa and Scott capped their comeback with an Olympic gold-medal-winning free dance in Pyeongchang, which you can see them perform a month earlier, at nationals, in this clip. Moulin Rouge's soundtrack has become something of an overused warhorse in the skating world, but this duo managed to make it their own, with a dramatic and scandalously sexy "El Tango de Roxanne" and a gloriously romantic "Come What May."

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2018 Olympics Gala — "Long Time Running"

It felt like a farewell, because it was one. Their gala program marked Tessa and Scott's last appearance at a competition, so it's fitting that the music and choreography paid tribute to their lengthy and decorated partnership.