6 Therapists to Follow on TikTok For Those Days When You Need Some Extra Support

While TikTok is probably best known for dance challenges, workouts, and hacks of all kinds, my favorite discovery recently is the therapists who have begun creating content on the app. These experts specialize in a variety of therapy techniques, and their videos range from deeper dives into conditions like anxiety and depression to advice for building your confidence and self-esteem. Although each creator has their own unique approach to mental health, they all have common goals: making you feel validated and helping you find some peace.

Keep reading for six accounts you should follow ASAP — and remember, social media is no replacement for one-on-one help from a licensed therapist.


Dr. Julie Smith (@drjuliesmith)


Michelle de Bruijn (@therebelliousmind)


Dr. Marquis Norton (@drnortontherapy)


Micheline Maalouf (@mashmushe)


Nadia Addesi (@evolveandbloom)


Dr. David Puder (@dr.davidpuder)