Morning Habits You Can Adopt From Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson

Not a morning person? Need a change in your morning workout routine? Our friends at Shape share their story.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kathryna Hancock

Tracy Anderson is famous for sculpting the bodies of A-list stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and J.Lo, so we're always interested in gleaning her insight. As part of a partnership with Tropicana to kick off the brand's "Morning Spark" positivity campaign, we spoke to Tracy about how she gets her morning started. Here, her tips that you can adopt, too — even if you hate mornings. (Here's how to learn to love your morning workout — once and for all.)

On actually waking up: "I build in the permission of snoozing so I always set my alarm 15 minutes before I actually have to get up — which is usually around 6:30 or 7 – so that I can hit the snooze button. I don't think it's a bad thing to be a snooze button person. What if you're in the middle of a great dream? If you do what I do and set your alarm with the ability to hit snooze it's a nice way to ease into waking up."

Her morning mantra: "'Trust that I've got myself.' When I was younger, I used to wake up in more fear than I wake up with now. And any worry, fear, or self-esteem block really dim that 'morning spark.' It's important to wake up confident and assured with yourself."

The very first thing she does after getting out of bed: "Snuggle my babies. I have two kids. My 18-year-old gets himself up every morning, but for my 4-year-old, I have to go wake her up every day. I'm not naturally a morning person like my mom who wakes up at the crack of dawn on her own every single morning, but it's not an option for me to not see my kids off to school. Do I want to be the mom that is entitled enough to just sleep and have other people take my kids off to school? No. I don't want to be that mom."

Her morning bathroom routine: "I wash my face with Ecco Bella cleansing gel and use one of those mini Clarisonics and then I just put on the Ecco Bella day skin cream moisturizer. It gives such a nice reflective glow to even out your skin tone. I'm the face of their line, but I'm working with them because I love them. Sometimes I try to use toner or face oils, but I like to listen to my skin and see what it needs."

Her stance on caffeinating: "I ask myself, Did I get a great night's sleep? Do I need any extra energy today? Sometimes I have my own morning spark, but if I do need a little extra help, I'll have organic coffee with steamed whole milk. If I don't need it but want the taste since I love it, I'll have decaf. I think hot tea is also great to get your body started first thing in the morning when you're waking up. If I want the energy sometimes I'll actually brew green tea and put half green tea and half orange juice in my morning smoothie."

Her go-to smoothie: "I grew up with Tropicana orange juice and my kids have been raised on it. So my go-to breakfast smoothie in my Vitamix is Tropicana, spinach or kale, and my vanilla TA CLEAR protein powder. It takes like an orange cream milkshake. My daughter's favorite is orange juice, frozen mango, avocado, and vanilla yogurt — no protein for her! On the weekends, I love a great brunch. I'm a serious omelet queen. I love omelets with any kind of cheese and then some onions and spinach or asparagus or broccoli. But I also love biscuits and gravy, granola, pancakes, waffles, bagels and cream cheese."

Why she works out on an empty stomach: "I work out with nothing in my stomach except for coffee and then have the bulk of my smoothie right after or even sip it while I'm working out along with my coffee. Even though my workout is in a really hot studio I still like to drink my warm coffee while I'm working out! In terms of working out on empty stomach, I'm not advocating for people to do that or not do that. Everybody needs energy different to get started, so it's all about knowing your own eating patterns and what your body needs."

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