Not to Be Dramatic, but Trader Joe's Making Almond Nog May Be the Best News of 2017

The Winter season can be especially hard for people with dietary restrictions, considering the abundance of decadent sweets and seasonal comfort foods that make their way onto store shelves for the holidays. Scratch that — it can be hard if you don't live near a Trader Joe's, which just debuted a seasonal favorite that will delight anybody ditching dairy. When an eagle-eyed shopper posted a photo of new Trader Joe's Almond Nog to Instagram, people understandably lost their cool over the dairy-free version of eggnog.

While the full ingredients list is not yet available online, a photo of the nutrition facts has plenty of health-focused shoppers excited. (Swipe to the right on the above Instagram to see for yourself.) Because eggnog is usually extremely fatty and sweet, the TJ's almond nog seems like a much lighter option with the same comforting flavor! And considering the fact that the pumpkin spice almond beverage from Trader Joe's is vegan, we've got high hopes that the almond nog will be vegan-friendly as well.

We're envisioning almond nog lattes, almond nog smoothies, and maybe even spiked almond nog for cozy holiday evenings. Head to Trader Joe's to try the festive, dairy-free find for yourself!