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A Trainer-Approved Pilates-Ring Workout For Full-Body Toning

A Little Goes a Long Way With These 5 Trainer-Approved Pilates-Ring Exercises

A Trainer-Approved Pilates-Ring Workout For Full-Body Toning

I've daydreamed of ordering a reformer — but, my wallet and the square footage of my apartment agree that there are more realistic Pilates tools I can use for effective, joint-friendly workouts at home.

A Pilates ring — which Club Pilates instructor Lencola Green also calls the "Magic Circle" — is the perfect example, as it can assist or add resistance to several exercises.

"The ring is a great tool for deepening the mind-body connection and toning muscles — and it's so versatile," she says.

Since Green is well-versed in Pilates rings and how well they can help build strength throughout the body (especially the butt, core, arms, and inner thighs!), I thought she'd be the perfect person to share some of her favorite Pilates-ring exercises.

As you follow along, know that Pilates rings come in many different resistance levels. According to Green, a little goes a long way, which is why a moderate resistance is great for most skill levels.

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